Thursday, November 15, 2012

..weekend preview..

This is going to be a wild goose chase kind of weekend!

  • Go to school and work 
  • Pull an all-nighter to get ready for Bijou Market
  •  6:00am -wake up and get ready
  • 7:00am -load car and drive to Bijou Market
  • 8:00am -set up our booth
  • 10:00am -volunteer at Bijou Market. Stop by and come see me :)
  • 3:00pm -go to work
  • 7:00pm -go back to Bijou and check up on our booth. 
  • I'll probably crash into bed this night from pure exhaustion!
  • 8:00am -wake up and get ready
  • 10:00am -do cleaning checks for Moon Apartments (work.)
  • 1:00pm -go check up on our booth at Bijou Market
  • 2:00pm -maybe get started on the slew of paintings that I need to get finished for finals that are fast approaching (three weeks. eek.)
  • 5:00pm -clean up Bijou Market. I'm always sad when this amazing event is over.
  • 7:00pm -get together with friends to eat elk steak and play games. (I have never had elk steak. Is this something I should be looking forward to..?)
  • 9:00am -wake up and get ready
  • 11:00am -go to church
  • 2:00pm -eat a yummy snack and take an amazing nap
  • 5:00pm -go to family dinner
  • 7:00pm -get some painting done while watching a good show with my honey
There you have it. It may not seem like a packed weekend but it sure feels like it to me. I can bet I'll be running around every single minute in my usual way. When does life slow down? Does it ever? Thanksgiving Break is coming up and boy you better believe that I am looking forward to that. I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend too. Let me know what they are, maybe we can swap good date ideas for the Provo area.

Here is a painting by one of my professors Sunny Belliston Taylor for your eyes to rest happily upon. I adore her work and I always love to see it in the process.

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