Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New York Trip: Part 2 "Artsy Fartsy"

 This was my second time going to NYC to see the art. This time around, I was happy just to enjoy with my eyes. I did not worry about documenting everything I saw but I did manage to pull my phone out a few times for pictures. 

Above are two pieces by Barry McGee. They were for sale on the gray market. There were many other  famous pieces there too. I thought I was neat to see the price tag on his artwork. 

P.S.1 is one of my favorite galleries to see in New York. It is an old school building that is now home to many contemporary art pieces. One of my favorites is an installation by James Turrell that is absolutely breathtaking. I pretty much go crazy for the building itself let alone for the art that is inside.

The Met and the MOMA never disappoint. Andrew and I had many deep conversations about the art that we saw in these two museums. It was so fun to have him there with me this time. I loved hearing his thoughts and learning from him.

On Saturday, we took a train ride out of the city to the small town of Beacon. This is something that I opted out of last year but I am so glad that we got the chance to go this time around. It was by far my favorite day. The scenery on the train ride was so beautiful and when we arrived and got off the train the first thing I noticed was how quiet it was. There was no hustle and bustle of busy Manhattan. It was so peaceful and beautiful there. 

The Dia: Beacon Museum is now on the top of my list. It is well worth the time that it takes to get there. There was no photography allowed inside so I could not document any of the pieces we saw but many of them have left an imprint in my memory. 

Overall, I was inspired by what we saw and experienced on this trip. I came back with a renewed desire to work work work and get all of my ideas and thoughts down in visual form. Unfortunately, school and work sometimes gets in the way of doing exactly what I want to do, but I will be painting like crazy over this Thanksgiving Break with nothing to distract me. 

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