Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rosie is 8 Month's Old!

"Rosie Ray" as we like to call her is a total ball of energy!
She keeps us on our toes constantly.

During her 7th month she learned how to sit up on her own and loves playing with toys while sitting up. She has great balance and rarely falls over but even if she does she goes right on playing without crying. Rosie absolutely loves swimming in the pool. She kicks and splashes and giggles a lot. She babbles like crazy all day long and has started saying "dadada" as well. She melts our hearts now because she reaches out for us to pick her up and then pats us on the back repeatedly afterward.

This last month she learned how to jump, that is pretty much all she does all day long (in our laps, in the walker, in her bed, etc.) Lately, she has so much energy that we have to wear her out before bedtime and so we put her in the "Jenny Jump Up." Andrew taught her how to crawl this last week and she still sort of cries and whines like we are torturing her when we want her to show off her new trick. It is hilarious and so darn cute when she slides down on her belly and pushes with her feet and elbows (military style) to get closer to us and then pauses to put her face down on the floor and pout only to start up again. My favorite new trick that she has learned is clapping. When we sing Patty Cake or clap for her then she starts clapping as well and I love it! The last thing that I have documented and noticed is that Rosie sometimes has shy moments when will lay her head down on my shoulder if someone is trying to talk to her.

I love this girl and I especially love seeing how much she loves Andrew and I back. We are so lucky to be her parents.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happier Than Ever

I have been thinking a lot lately and I have concluded that right now in my life I am happier than ever.
I can't tell you another time when I have felt happiness, peace and love at this kind of level. It has something to do with the fact that I am no longer a college student jumping through hoops for my professors and everything to do with the fact that I love my little family and the stage we are in at this very moment.

Our life together is not perfect but it is in my eyes as I seek to find the good in those less than perfect moments. We still make very little money working less than ideal jobs but somehow we make ends meet for the necessities and whatever we have leftover we spend happily on movies and food. We have always loved living close to both of our families but we find ourselves enjoying it even more as Rosie gets to know her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins so well. We are so fortunate to have good friends who we love spending our nights with playing cards and talking about life and of course laughing a lot too. Andrew and I have told each other countless times since Rosie was born how blessed we are to have a healthy and happy little girl. She fills each day with new and exciting wonders and so much joy. We have and are currently seeing so many blessings pouring into our lives and we are grateful for the gospel that helps ground us and provide hope for the future.

Life is simple but wonderful right now and I dare say that I am happier than ever.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rosie is Four Month's Old...Wait Whoops Six Month's Old!

Okay so we are squishing these two posts into one because somehow life got the best of me again and I have slipped behind on recording. But to help myself remember the small, simple beauties of my everyday with Rosie I keep a long running note on my phone and add to it each time I see or experience something new and exciting with her.

(**Disclaimer: This part was written two months ago when I began this post so I left it as is and didn't add a word.) This girl is growing up fast, yet she still feels and looks so tiny to me. She has learned to like tummy time [finally] and we have even witnessed her rolling over from her back to her tummy a few times just this last week (end of April...) We love to cheer her on as she discovers new things. Rosie loves one-on-one attention so she can look us in the eyes. She loves to smile and talk to us a lot everyday. I have a feeling she will be a little chatter box. Grandma Helen gave her some laminated pictures and we carry them around with us everywhere because she really likes to look at them. She focuses really hard and gets a serious face on like she is studying each one. Another funny thing that she has started doing is trying to eat her fists, sometimes both at the same time.

Month five was spent living at my parent's house while Andrew was in NYC for an internship. We spent a lot of time playing with grandmas, aunts and cousins. My mom and sisters helped me train Rosie to take bottles in order to fatten her up. She was a little on the small side at her four month Dr. appointment so we took her eating/sleeping/pooping patterns pretty seriously that month. My mom also encouraged me to get Rosie sleeping in her crib instead of her swing and by the end of the month when we moved home, she was sleeping in a crib like a champ.

Rosie turned six months a little over a week ago and boy have we seen the changes rolling in everyday in the last little while. She can now sit up on her own and grins so big like she is proving that she is a "big girl" while doing so. She is a pretty good eater though I only get around to feeding her real baby food about once or twice a day (I know I should be better about this.) We started giving her a snack called "Puffs" this last week and she has a little bit of a hard time keeping them in her mouth but she is persistent at trying to eat them. Her giggle is now a daily occurrence and each time I hear it my heart melts. I'm certain there is nothing cuter. Rosie's little personality has starting showing a lot more lately. She is goofy like her dad and gets hangry like her mom. She has started sticking the tip of her tongue out and waiting until someone notices and laughs and then she laughs too. Her first experience swimming was this last month and she kicks and splashes in the water a lot. The last little thing I want to record about her is her new trick: Babbling. It is hilarious and I have tried to capture it on video so many times. She babbles playfully, happily and sometimes it gets serious and sounds like she is lecturing me about something that she really wants me to hear.

Oh how we love her so!
(more and more each day!)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Small Shop Roundup

Oh boy has this space been neglected for the past little while...I have been working my tail off preparing for this event with my sister and taking care of my little family. We are so excited/nervous about how quickly it is approaching. We hope you will come out and join us! (even if only to gaze at all of the goodies and grab lunch/dinner from one of the delicious food trucks that will be there.) 

Mark your calendars for a day of shopping from all of your favorite small shops in one spot! There is a week of amazing giveaways lined up that have already start on Instagram; make sure to follow @loulouandcoshop in order to participate in the giveaways each day.

Here is a list of the talented vendors that will be participating:

#smallshoproundup #loulouandcoshop #handmade #supportthehandmade #local #provo

Sunday, May 11, 2014

What it means to be a Mother.

{this is my mother on her wedding day}

Every woman in the world is a mother. There are so many women in my life that I look up to. These women have what it takes to be mothers. Their individual examples have shaped my beliefs of what it means to be a mother. I owe everything to my mother and her devotion to me and my sisters.

A mother is kind.
A mother is patient.
A mother is loving.
A mother stays up late to help you finish seemingly endless school projects (even when you are in college).
A mother is playful.
A mother is creative.
A mother is her child's first best friend.
A mother is lovely.
A mother is graceful.
A mother can multitask like it's no one's business.
A mother is reliable.
A mother is devoted.
A mother cares more about others than herself.
A mother is smart.
A mother gives her all even when there is nothing left to give.
A mother is honest.
A mother loves to talk to her child about anything and everything.
A mother is beautiful.
A mother is unforgettable.

Of course there are a bajillion more aspects that make up a mother but these are some that stand out to me. My thoughts have continually been focused on motherhood ever since I became pregnant a little over a year ago.

I am so grateful for Rosie. She has given me the opportunity to be a mother. And now that I am in these shoes I feel how big they are and how hard I am going to have to work to fill them. I only hope I can embody the above mentioned characteristics and be a good mother to Rosie. She deserves the world and I will do my best to give her the tools to succeed in life as the women in my life have done for me.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers {women} out there. I hope you feel *especially* loved and appreciated today.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gone {for too long}

This guy left us last week to have himself an "internship adventure" in NYC. We were beyond thrilled when a summer internship was looking like a possibility for Andrew way back in January. It took a while for everything to become finalized and to figure out the finances but I am so proud of Andrew for working so incredibly hard this semester to make this whole thing a reality.

He will be interning with a freelance illustrator named Peter deSeve who lives in Brooklyn and works mostly from his home studio. Andrew will also have the chance to learn a little bit about the gallery system in Brooklyn as he has the chance to volunteer for my cousin out there who owns and operates his own successful gallery and non-profit art/dance organization.

Now I need to share for a moment in complete honesty...

Although I am beyond happy for Andrew to be having these life-changing experiences, my only wish is that Rosie and I could be tagging along with him. I wish that my job and our financial obligations would disappear for the month of May and that all three of us could be adventuring in the Big Apple together. I have been dreaming of the delicious food and walking the streets with Rosie as we chose to spend each day going to galleries, museums and spending time in Central Park. I really love traveling and getting to know places outside of my long-time home of Provo and despite the face that I have been to NYC a few times already, it is always a fun "new" place to visit.

So since Rosie and I will not have the chance to go to NYC with Andrew, we need to keep ourselves sane here without him. In the first few days I swear Rosie was trying her hardest to wear me down as she insisted on waking up every hour during the night to cry and then nurse and then fall right back to sleep. Even though I was not awake for very long, the repeated motion of getting in and out of bed was almost killing me as I had to peal my eyes open just to try and take care of her needs. I have a new-found respect for single mothers who do this ALL on their own ALL of the time. I know that I owe lots of thanks already to my family and friends for helping me with Rosie and letting me take an occasional nap.

I am hoping this month will fly by with as few breakdowns as possible on my side of the country and as many exciting experiences as possible on Andrew's side of the country.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Summer 2014 Plans

This upcoming summer is looking like it will be full of lots of new things, adventure, growth, love, fun and hopefully lots of time outdoors.


-Andrew is leaving for the WHOLE month for an internship in NYC. My heart is aching to go along because I love that city so much but sadly Rosie and I will be staying in P-town on our own. We will miss him like crazy!

-The Annual Girl's Trip that I go on every year with my friends will be in May. We are going to St. George to relax and play. Rosie will be tagging along this year too. Lucky her!

-I have set some lofty goals to start painting again and to schedule a solo show in a gallery by the end of this month to push myself to make more work.


-Zundels are putting a pool in their backyard that should be completed this month and we cannot way to take Rosie swimming everyday. Her grandma is an awesome swim teacher and I'm hoping Rosie will like being in the water.

-Both Andrew and my birthdays are this month so June always guarantees lots of celebration with cake, presents and family. (Not only are our birthdays this month but 3 of my sisters and 1 of my nephews as well.)

-We hope to make it out of Provo at least one during June. Typically our destination of choice is St. George since it is fairly close but still far enough to feel like we are getting away and because we have a free place to stay there and you can't beat free. We love the good local eats and the beautiful hikes we go on down there.


-A Zundel wedding will take place. I cannot wait to have another sister-in-law. Adrienne is a doll! I foresee this month totally consumed by wedding plans and preparation.


-So far August is free and open. We will have to plan some fun adventures for our little family to end the summer before Andrew starts school again.