Thursday, October 18, 2012



These are just a few photos of the assembling and installing process of my show. Pretty sure, for about the last three weeks my parent's house has looked like a disaster zone. My parents are so patient with me. I love how awesome they are about letting me come in and take over every counter space in the house. I can create quite the mess, I mean functional work area. 
My husband is also very patient. He willingly went over to their house with me every night to do his homework and watch movies, never complaining.He was indispensable when it came time to hang the pieces. Lets just say that I am quite dysfunctional at using a measuring tape. Somehow I always manage to do everything wrong when it comes to measuring anything. He just quietly chuckles and then proceeds to measure everything perfectly in about a quarter of the time it would have taken me. 
I love that guy. 

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