Monday, October 15, 2012


I am pleased to announce my first solo art show. 
Wow, what a relief that this is finally happening.

 I started working on this series of works in March and for the past 8 months I have carted at least one of these pieces everywhere I have gone. 
No lie.
Just ask all my family and friends. 

At the end of this journey similar questions to these below have come into my head:

Did I almost kill myself in order to finish them all on time?

Is it crazy that in 8 long months I only finished 12 pieces?

Is it pathetic how much time I poored into each piece?

Do I regret any minute that I spent working on them?
No way

Despite the trials that came with working on this show, I am finished with them and pleasantly surprised at how each of the works evolved and ended up. I loved the portability of working on paper and by hand-stitching all the line work in these paintings that meant lots of intense physical labor has gone into each piece. I have grown so much from this project. It has made me feel more like a "real full-time working artist" than anything I have worked on thus far. 

Any and all are welcome to come to the Opening Reception for this show on Friday from 6-9pm. I would love to see you there. There will be other show openings on the same night and light refreshments will be served. If you cannot make it Friday night, the show will be up for two whole weeks so stop by the HFAC on BYU campus to take a gander. There are many other impressive shows up throughout the building that fellow students are displaying. 

I want to thank all those who gave me input, opinions, thoughts, time, and support throughout this whole project and especially at the end when I was utterly exhausted.

(p.s. because all of my time has been dedicated to finishing this show on time, I have not been so dedicated to this blog. I want to apologize and let you know that I plan to get back on track this next week and post more often. Hopefully.)

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  1. Laura, this is INCREDIBLE! Oh I want to come soooo badly! Martin has a possibility of going to a conference for school at BYU this weekend and we're still weighing the options of coming. If we do, we'll definitely be there. I'm so proud of you! I hope to see you soon!