Friday, October 26, 2012

..weekend preview..

I can't even express to you how good it feels to have my weekends back. I have probably already mentioned my old job in which I worked every Friday and Saturday for two whole years. Give me a break. I loved my job but I guess I never knew what I was missing. Suddenly having a weekend opens up so much more time in my life. 
Time with my husband. 
Time to paint. 
Time to relax. 
Time to clean. 
Time to plan Young Women's lessons. 
Time for me. 
And I love it. 

I tend to make plans. Whether it is for 5 years in the future or just the next day. I like to know what lies ahead. Here is a little peak into my weekend plans. I have never planned things out quite like this before so who knows how strictly we will stick to this but I continue to make plans anyway.

  • 9:00am -wake up. Gotta cut myself some slack on the weekend.
  • 10:00am - get to work on my systems painting for class. I usually put on a TV show or movie while I work (that's the best part.)
  • 2:00pm -take a shower and make myself look semi-decent.
  • 3:00pm -head to work, gotta keep those tenants happy!
  • 3:30pm -read/study art history at work. this is the only time I can focus on boring textbook reading and even then it usually only lasts for an hour or so.
  • 7:00pm -work ends, date begins. We have plans for sushi and going to the movies. I can't wait.
  • 9:00am -wake up.
  • 10:00am -study and practice for my sign language midterm
  • 12:00pm -attend the temple with my sweetheart
  • 2:00pm -maybe go to lunch with that same sweetheart. just for fun.
  • 5:00pm -ward trunk-or-treat. I'm excited to see all the clever costumes. Come to think of it...I need to come up with some for Andrew and I.
  • 11:00am -attend church
  • 2:00pm -go visiting teaching
  • 3:30pm -my visiting teachers come to see me
  • 5:00pm -family dinner (hopefully Salmon this week. Yum.)
  • Rest of the day--->Lounge!
Here is a piece by Deedee Cheriel, an artist who I cannot get enough of. I could look at her work all day everyday. Enjoy.

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