Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I got the idea for this post from Claire at All the Belles and Whistles. If you don't know her blog, please check it out here. She is such a beautiful inspiration to me in many ways.

For starters, she is very in-tune with herself.
Her needs.
Her wants.
Physically, spiritually and mentally, and any other -ally.

She has been such a good friend to me in school. We met when we were both applying to the Studio Art Program. I knew instantly that I liked her and that we would get along real well. But I'll write another time about how awesome Claire is. For now I want to address the topic that she inspired me with of More/Less.

Last night I found myself trying to figure out how I have let myself go in multiple areas of my life only to put importance on things that are probably not so important. This post* Claire did a while back came creeping into my mind as I was making a list to challenge myself to be better. There are so many ways I am looking to improve myself. I think this sudden urge has something to do with being in school again. I feel like school often infuses me with the desire and the will to grow, excel, and improve.

Here is my take on the idea of more/less:

more patience
less intolerance

more quiet moments
less noise

more healthy foods
less quick easy meals

more walking
less driving

more doing
less thinking

more smiles
less tears

more endurance
less quitting

more simple
less complex

more organized
less chaotic

more quality time
less electronic communication

more stability
less change

more acceptance
less judgement

and last but not least
more love

So, for the next little while, I'll be keeping this list in my brain throughout the day consciously trying to do it justice. I hope this helps you to think a bit more about your life and your goals as it did mine. Have a happy week my friends!


*disclaimer: I cannot find the original post on Claire's blog so I don't even know how closely mine relates and I super hope that I didn't exactly copy what she wrote in her post. All I remember from hers is the theme of more/less and it really left an imprint in my memory. Sorry Claire if any of this bothers you...

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