Wednesday, September 19, 2012

..Life Lately..

Sorry it's been so quiet around here lately. Hours and days and weeks have been escaping me as I spend 10+ hours on BYU campus everyday. Despite my post the day before school filled with lots of woes, this semester feels hopeful. I'm excited to be doing lots and lots of art and the few book classes that I have will only help balance me out.

These are a few photos that describe our life as of late:

-sewing my little heart out on my paintings
-cupcakes to thank former coworkers/bosses for treating me so well
-dinner to celebrate my transition of jobs
-me prepared for the flood of tenants on move-in week
-us on the first (actually second) day of Fall Semester
-cutest baby chicks in the whole wide world
-us in our Sabbath get-up
-a ginormous strawberry that I enjoyed eating
-farewell photo of lovely Sister Christianson who left for Italy
-capturing a moment in the studio
-cute and funny nephews playing in my office at work
-Zundel boys in their Eagle Scout gear to support Jacob at his Court of Honor
-delicious night out at Mongolian Grill
-new decor in our house that I love

I am keeping my instagram feed up to date. You can follow me at @lauragzundel if you're interested.

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