Tuesday, May 8, 2012

..Yesterday..We Thrifted..

Yesterday we hunted down all of the thrift/antique stores in St. George. We had so much fun seeing all of the variety and finding a few steals. I got jewelry, sunglasses, incredible pieces of colored glass, brown vintage ankle boots, and two brass duck heads. Andrew made it out with only one treasure (the binoculars) but he is so excited to use them this weekend at the Brian Regan Show. He keeps walking around the house looking through them and commenting on how well their ability to magnify everything is. 

We stumbled upon one shop that literally blew our minds! 

Every square inch of the shop is covered in stuff. We determined that about 75% of it is junk and the small 25% of it is actually treasures. It was hard to walk in there because the aisles are only about 12 inches wide. I had to make sure my bootie/purse didn't knock anything over. 

This place is a real gem. I'm pretty sure the old woman who owned it has a serious condition of hoarding objects of all kinds. (I would love to recommend her for the reality show and see if we could get her some help)

After the incredibly overwhelming experience of walking through that last antique shop. Andrew treated us to some cupcakes. Yum.

As amazing as it sounds, none of our treasures came from the above mentioned shop. We were so overwhelmed the entire time we walked through there that we didn't look for the treasures. Everything was so buried and we just laughed our way through.

Anyway, there will be more to come about our trip, so check back. We are having a truly relaxing and memorable time.


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