Friday, May 11, 2012

..Phrase of the Week..

So... Andrew pointed out to me last week after I was finished with my fit of frustrations that our phrase of the week (last week) had to be,                                           "Where in the world are my keys?!" 

I came home from work on Monday night and could not find my keys anywhere the next morning. They remained lost for the remainder of the week until I finally found them on Friday in a pile of clothing in our bedroom that I had already searched in about 3 or 4 times. I have NEVER lost my keys or my phone or anything really of value to me that I can remember. I am very good at putting them in specific spots everyday and finding them whenever I need to. So you can imagine my frustration when my keys went missing for a whole week. As Saturday approached, I got more and more anxious that I couldn't find my keys because I would need the key to my work in order to open the shop on Saturday morning. I debated on whether or not to tell my boss that I lost the key and would need a new one. (Luckily, I never told her!)

I am so relieved to have my keys back. I hated finding them in the most trivial place though. What a joke! 

Have you ever lost something? Did you get it back or does it remain lost to this day? I have a huge fear of losing my wedding ring. I hope that never happens!


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