Monday, April 23, 2012

..School's Out..

What a relief? Wow! I have waited so long for this summer to come. There is an amazing sense of freedom I have now that school is out for the summer.

Andrew and I don't have any big crazy plans for this summer except to enjoy every single day. 
We will both be working full time and trying to squeeze in lots of days in the sun. 

My goal is to finish a series of paintings in order to apply for a solo show in the Fall.
Andrew's goal is to draw like crazy to get ready to start the Illustration program in the Fall. 

We do have a few small trips to St. George planned. We can hardly wait to go down there. It is one of our favorite places. Here are some pictures from our trip last year. We did some hiking in Zion. It was so fun and we hope to go back again this year. 

What are your summer plans? We would love to hear about anything you love to do around Utah County. Maybe we will even join in on the fun.


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