Wednesday, April 25, 2012

..i spy..

i spy with my little eye
some pretty little items that were purchased 
at Bijou Market a few weeks back
can you tell which ones are bought from Lou Lou?




i snagged the photos from this blog.
i loved seeing all the loot that everyone bought
there was too much good stuff to choose from

i brought home a pretty heafty load myself
and i still love everything i bought 
here's mine...

-vintage wire basket to store blankets
-vintage sewing kit 
-handmade ruby slippers with bow for a future little miss
-vintage navy leather purse
-handmade cream lace slip for lengthening skirts
-vintage polka dotted blouse

what did you buy? 
if you bought anything from Lou Lou
share with us what you got
how you displayed it in your house  
or how you are using it
we would love to see how our goods are being used


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