Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the sublime

I have been thinking a lot lately on the sublime.

What qualifies something as sublime?

There are many different definitions. Some believe that the sublime invokes fear through the supreme power of God. Others believe that the sublime is more subtle hinting at the natural and awe-inspiring beauty of untouched land. There are other things in this world besides the landscape that can invoke the sublime but landscape painting is what I have been focussing a lot of my energy on in the last few months. I have been heavily researching and writing on this subject as well as striving to achieve the sublime in my own way through my artwork.

But boy is it hard.

I always seem to strive for the "impossible" in my work causing me to labor intensely in order to feel satisfied.

Often I never reach that satisfaction.

I guess art making for me (and I assume for many others as well) is one heckuva long journey in which there may be no end.

Sign me up for that punishment!

In reality, it is no punishment at all. I find my greatest joy while I am making art. I am on a journey of discovery. I am searching for the sublime in this corrupt and imperfect world and ultimately true long-lasting happiness.

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