Thursday, August 23, 2012

..Chickens and Eggs..

My dad begged for months to get chickens in the backyard. I thought it was a brilliant idea. They are super low-maintenance animals that will offer us fresh eggs every single day. Who can complain about that? So, he built a coop and a little play yard for them to live in and about a day later chickens inhabited the area. 

I have really loved reaping the benefits of the fresh eggs when I get the chance to go over and snatch some. The different between these eggs and the ones I buy at the store is huge. The fresh eggs from my parents have a larger and darker colored yolk and a much richer taste. Yum.

The grandkids sure love gathering the eggs with grandpa everyday. 

Just when I was getting used to having 6 chickens in my parents backyard, my dad adds 6 more baby chicks to the herd! Wow! But they sure are cute, and fluffy.

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