Tuesday, May 29, 2012

..We love the ZOO..

We really love visiting the zoo. I feel like it brings out the small over excited child in each of us when we see our favorite animals. Mine happen to be the tigers. I really love how big and beautiful they are. Last year we were literally like 4 feet away from them and the only thing between us was this wimpy chain-link fence. (scary) Good thing it was hot outside and they were all just lounging around like lazy bums. 
Andrews favorite were the little monkeys. They are so funny. I love the cute faces they make and the things they do. We kept spotting animals from animated movies and Andrew then proceeded to mimic their voices, always making me laugh.
I really want to make it to the zoo at least once this summer. Also, it is a goal of mine to visit zoos on our travels outside of Utah, to see the diversity in animals that each zoo has. Visiting the zoo is a great summer activity for us. (so is going on bike rides up the beautiful Provo Canyon.) 

What do you love to do in the summer? 
What are your plans for this year?


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