Friday, May 25, 2012

..the SWAP..

The SWAP at Riverwoods last weekend was a hit. 
For the entire three hours that it was going, 
there were people lining the sidewalks outside of Soel Boutique. 
Shoppers bargained, traded and bought "new to them", clothing to take to their closets at home. 
Here are a few pictures I snapped while there.

Preparing and laying out all my clothes. Ridiculous right? I know. I have repented of my old ways.

The sidewalk line up of swappers.

This little girl was super happy about her find while there. She eyed this pretty jewelry box all by herself. I gave her the money and she bravely walked up to the owner and asked to buy it. So cute.

She was my best pal there. Haley was a worker bee. She didn't complain once in helping me set up, sell, give back change to buyers, and close up shop at the end. Such a trooper. I wouldn't have gone and done it without my little sidekick. 

So happy.

Our rewards after the SWAP. Yummm.

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