Thursday, March 15, 2012

..Sneak Peak for Bijou Market..

A variety of original artwork consisting of paintings on canvas as well as high quality paper, lithography prints, intaglio prints, drawings, etc. There will also be high quality colored prints of all of the originals sold at a lower price.

Lots of fun pillows to decorate and add a little fun to your home

Large, Medium, and Small chandeliers with lights to be fixed to the ceiling over light fixtures, to hang as chandeliers, and to be lamp shades. Also, some baby mobiles are in the works.

Baby girl and boy clothing and accessories such as onsies, bow ties, headbands, blankets, etc.

Party and Holiday Decorations as well as Hand-bound Books of different sizes and varieties.

Banners and Streamers to decorate for any holiday or special occasion. 

Straws embellished with paper flags and glitter. Party Hats embellished with fringe, glitter, pom pom and more.

Glittered Candles of different sizes

We are just so excited to be a part of the Spring Bijou Market this year that we couldn't wait until April 13 & 14 to let you see what we have in store for you. Our hands are quickly making and our minds are eagerly anticipating the excitement that is approaching in less than one month. We hope you will come to see and enjoy all of the creativity that will be displayed there.

-Lou Lou & Company

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