Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rosie is 8 Month's Old!

"Rosie Ray" as we like to call her is a total ball of energy!
She keeps us on our toes constantly.

During her 7th month she learned how to sit up on her own and loves playing with toys while sitting up. She has great balance and rarely falls over but even if she does she goes right on playing without crying. Rosie absolutely loves swimming in the pool. She kicks and splashes and giggles a lot. She babbles like crazy all day long and has started saying "dadada" as well. She melts our hearts now because she reaches out for us to pick her up and then pats us on the back repeatedly afterward.

This last month she learned how to jump, that is pretty much all she does all day long (in our laps, in the walker, in her bed, etc.) Lately, she has so much energy that we have to wear her out before bedtime and so we put her in the "Jenny Jump Up." Andrew taught her how to crawl this last week and she still sort of cries and whines like we are torturing her when we want her to show off her new trick. It is hilarious and so darn cute when she slides down on her belly and pushes with her feet and elbows (military style) to get closer to us and then pauses to put her face down on the floor and pout only to start up again. My favorite new trick that she has learned is clapping. When we sing Patty Cake or clap for her then she starts clapping as well and I love it! The last thing that I have documented and noticed is that Rosie sometimes has shy moments when will lay her head down on my shoulder if someone is trying to talk to her.

I love this girl and I especially love seeing how much she loves Andrew and I back. We are so lucky to be her parents.

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