Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rosie is Four Month's Old...Wait Whoops Six Month's Old!

Okay so we are squishing these two posts into one because somehow life got the best of me again and I have slipped behind on recording. But to help myself remember the small, simple beauties of my everyday with Rosie I keep a long running note on my phone and add to it each time I see or experience something new and exciting with her.

(**Disclaimer: This part was written two months ago when I began this post so I left it as is and didn't add a word.) This girl is growing up fast, yet she still feels and looks so tiny to me. She has learned to like tummy time [finally] and we have even witnessed her rolling over from her back to her tummy a few times just this last week (end of April...) We love to cheer her on as she discovers new things. Rosie loves one-on-one attention so she can look us in the eyes. She loves to smile and talk to us a lot everyday. I have a feeling she will be a little chatter box. Grandma Helen gave her some laminated pictures and we carry them around with us everywhere because she really likes to look at them. She focuses really hard and gets a serious face on like she is studying each one. Another funny thing that she has started doing is trying to eat her fists, sometimes both at the same time.

Month five was spent living at my parent's house while Andrew was in NYC for an internship. We spent a lot of time playing with grandmas, aunts and cousins. My mom and sisters helped me train Rosie to take bottles in order to fatten her up. She was a little on the small side at her four month Dr. appointment so we took her eating/sleeping/pooping patterns pretty seriously that month. My mom also encouraged me to get Rosie sleeping in her crib instead of her swing and by the end of the month when we moved home, she was sleeping in a crib like a champ.

Rosie turned six months a little over a week ago and boy have we seen the changes rolling in everyday in the last little while. She can now sit up on her own and grins so big like she is proving that she is a "big girl" while doing so. She is a pretty good eater though I only get around to feeding her real baby food about once or twice a day (I know I should be better about this.) We started giving her a snack called "Puffs" this last week and she has a little bit of a hard time keeping them in her mouth but she is persistent at trying to eat them. Her giggle is now a daily occurrence and each time I hear it my heart melts. I'm certain there is nothing cuter. Rosie's little personality has starting showing a lot more lately. She is goofy like her dad and gets hangry like her mom. She has started sticking the tip of her tongue out and waiting until someone notices and laughs and then she laughs too. Her first experience swimming was this last month and she kicks and splashes in the water a lot. The last little thing I want to record about her is her new trick: Babbling. It is hilarious and I have tried to capture it on video so many times. She babbles playfully, happily and sometimes it gets serious and sounds like she is lecturing me about something that she really wants me to hear.

Oh how we love her so!
(more and more each day!)

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