Thursday, August 15, 2013


Suddenly I have the urge to start preparing for our little woman to join our family.

In the last couple weeks, I have cleaned and re-cleaned (about a thousand times) our spare bedroom trying to make room for the baby necessities. It has been a lot of hard work don't get me wrong but such rewarding work as I see small pieces starting to fall into place and (embarrassingly) our carpet being revealed once again underneath the mess. I am feeling a sense of urgency with school starting in a couple weeks. I want to be finished with her room by then so that I can put all of my energy into my artwork (and some other yucky school work) for the next four months.

As I have been cleaning and organizing I have been pondering about the idea of "nesting" and immediately Sunny Belliston Taylor's artwork came to my mind. She has explained many times in class discussions how much her lifestyle and her artistic process changed after she had her first baby girl. She started making these wonderful small paintings on paper that resemble bird's nests in a metaphoric way of a mother nesting before and after the arrival of her baby. These works are not only about the preparation but if you read the titles on her website they also relate to life's overwhelming days as well as those small precious moments. I love love Sunny's work. You can see more here.

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  1. Oh man I've been doing the same thing. nesting is real. loved reading this, and the artwork is lovely.