Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Marie Watt's Sewing Circle at BYU

Marie Watt's sewing circle was such an amazing thing to participate in. First she gave a lecture to our studio seminar class on Thursday night and then she announced that we could all come and sew with her on Friday morning. I knew immediately that I wanted to go. I couldn't miss a chance to hear Marie talk some more about her art and also to add a few stitches to her most recent blanket. This experience did not disappoint. I showed up about 15 minutes early because I knew I only had a spare 30 minutes to spend with Marie that morning. It was fun to get some one-on-one time with her. We talked about a lot of topics all while stitching thick layers of wool fabric pieces together to create one of her beautiful blankets that she is so well-known for.

The physicality of the blanket in real life was lovely. It was so therapeutic to sit and share stories and sew for almost an hour. I realized how much I love the act of sewing whether it is for practical reasons such as sewing clothing or blankets or for the less practical reasons of sewing into artwork. I think I will start sewing more as soon as I am finished with my finals.

Side Note: I am so behind on recording the many fun things that I have been a part of in the last little while. (I have about 6 more drafts of upcoming posts and those that have probably lost their relevance by now...ugh. Someday I will catch up with life.)

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