Friday, November 2, 2012

..weekend preview..

I can't believe it is the weekend again already! Here are our plans:


  • 8:00am -wake up slow.
  • 10:00am -read for my research presentation coming up soon.
  • 12:00pm -last meeting for NYC trip with the art program. I can't believe we leave on Tuesday. I have so much to get done before we go, don't even get me started.
  • 1:00pm -run a few errands like going to the bank and getting gas.
  • 2:00pm -start setting up and getting ready for the little party going on at my sister's house. I blogged the info here if you are interested in coming. All are welcome.
  • 4:00pm -party starts
  • 7:00pm -double date with my husband and his little brother and my best friend. I am excited to spend time with them. The boys planned something a little different for this date. Maybe I'll share later.

  • 8:00am -I really should wake up at this time, hopefully I will have the self-control to get myself out of bed.
  • 9:00am -buckle down and study for my Art History exam that I have been avoiding for the last few days.
  • 12:00pm -break from studying and work on my painting that is due Monday.
  • 3:30pm -go the study group for above said Art History exam. I'm really hoping people come and that this will be helpful.
  • 6:00pm -probably work on my painting some more...who knows how long it will take to actually finish it.

  • 9:30am -wake up
  • 11:00am -church
  • Rest of the Day -relax. My favorite thing about Sundays is that I get to spend time with my husband and our families and the Lord. 
This piece is by Lisa Congdon always helps me maintain a good mindset plus I just love her hand lettering. Check out more of Lisa's work here.

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