Tuesday, July 24, 2012

..today is my favorite kind of day..

This morning I used my wily charm to convince Andrew to stay in bed with me just a little bit longer. Well a little bit longer turned into two hours longer as we dozed in and out of sleep. When we finally woke up and he got ready to go in to work, I had to toughen up and prepare to spend the rest of the day working on projects alone until I go into work later.

          {  Just a side note: }
I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I absolutely despise having a completely opposite schedule as Andrew. It's always sort of been that way, but this summer has been by far the WORST. 

Anyway, I said goodbye to him and off he went to work for the rest of the day...or so I thought. I get a call a short time later only to hear Andrew on the other end asking if I need anything at the store. WHATT?? I thought he was going to work, not to the store. Well turns out, he said that no one was at work today because it's a Utah/Mormon holiday called Pioneer Day and apparently BYU considers that a good reason not to have work.

So heres to you----> I love you Pioneer Day. Thank you for giving me some extra time with my husband today!

So far we have enjoyed having breakfast together (just cereal, not anything too fancy), and we have gone on a walk up the canyon to enjoy nature a little more. We actually stopped to watch a little baby otter in the river for a little while.



  1. Laura, that sounds like a HEAVENLY day. Don't you love unexpected husband time?! Love you beautiful lady!

  2. Thanks so much meg. Yeah I really enjoy those spontaneous days where we can just go do whatever we want. Hope you're doing well up in Logan :) Miss you.