Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So... this past week has been packed full with big events, family time, and lots of changes.

We had a great 4th of July. Although Andrew was not present for most of the fun activities we planned. He was busy putting in 90 hours of work that week. He works for BYU Traffic and Parking and was responsible to guard fireworks, direct traffic, block restricted roads, and help people get to the Stadium of Fire. I missed that guy a lot as I looked around at every one of my sisters enjoying their little individual families all weekend.

As far as the changes go... Let me begin with telling you that I got rear-ended on Friday night and my beloved old car was towed away right before my eyes. It was a sad moment to see her go. Since then I have been dealing with insurance companies to sort things out. It has been difficult for Andrew and I to juggle one car with such opposite schedules between us but we have managed with lots of help from family. 

Also, another big change around here is my job. I worked up the courage a couple days ago to break the news to my boss that I am leaving a wonderful job of 2 years to start a new (anticipated wonderful) job August 1st. 

This new job will be different. 
I will be sitting at a desk a lot more often than normal. 
I will have time to study and work on art projects while it is slow. 
I will be interacting with people that are in my age group.
I will be working with family.

I am excited for the latter change and as for the former...I still don't know what to think about that. 
I hope your holiday week was lovely. 


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