Thursday, May 17, 2012


Cupcake Anyone?

Lets just say that while in St. George we ate a cupcake a day from this little irresistible cafe. We tried a different flavor each time which included orange peel and banana (both pictured above) as well as peanut butter cup, strawberry cream (this one was amazing because it tasted just like fresh strawberries), blueberry, and chocolate vanilla. 

After cupcakes we always walked around Main Street for a little while and looked at all of the fun and amazing shops it has to offer. This is where I got into a little bit of trouble because of my love for thrift shopping. I am so excited for each of my purchases. They already have special spots in our little home.

The second round of thrifting. I found more maps to add to my collection, brass deer to put up around Christmas time, a blue ball jar (one of my favorite things to collect), and a sterling silver ornate jewelry box. I shared about my first trip to stores and the treasures I found here.

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