Friday, March 23, 2012

..One Year Anniversary Recap..


We celebrated our One Year Anniversary on March 5, 2012. I loved looking through some of our engagement and wedding photos again because some of them I have not seen for a year. They bring back such wonderful memories. 

Since Andrew and I are both in school and working part-time, we had to celebrate over the weekend. We both took work off and headed up to SLC Friday afternoon. We love getting away, even if it is just an hour away from home. Our minds can relax from every day worries and our bodies can relax because we usually get lots of sleep. I spent the morning in class and packing as well as putting together a chandelier/mobile of over 100 tags that I spent the last few weeks preparing. I thought of all of the things I love about Andrew that have come to me throughout the year. 

On Friday, we spent a few hours at Gateway walking around my favorite shops and Andrew bought me a delicious smelling candle from Anthropologie. Then we both decided we were starving a lot earlier than we planned so we pushed up our dinner reservation and headed to the restaurant. We tried something new this time that I can give all the credit to Andrew for finding. It was so incredibly tasty. We loved every single bite! When we finished with dinner we went to check into our hotel and I surprised Andrew with a cake that his mother kindly made for us to celebrate the tradition of eating the top of your wedding cake one year later. We exchanged gifts after eating cake and I had been anticipating giving Andrew his gift for about 3 months because I bought it around Christmas time. I got him a nice gold watch that I had engraved with "3.5.2012 (heart) Laura". I wanted to get him something that he would remember forever as our one year anniversary. Andrew got me a gold necklace with charms on it that have our initials and a pearl bead from Argento. That night we crashed pretty early and slept a good 10-12 hours that night (I know it sounds so lazy but it felt so good and we justify ourselves because this type of sleep does not come often in our daily schedule!)

On Saturday, we ate a yummy (very late) breakfast in the hotel and then got on our way to the SLC Temple to do a session. I was so excited to go into this amazing building that was built in 1893 (about 120 years ago) and the experience was pretty breath-taking. We realized that one year ago exactly on this day was my first time going through the temple (in Provo) and we did not even plan that little coincidence. We went to dinner at The Dodo which is one of our favorite restaurants in SLC. My sister Karen and her husband first took us there and we immediately fell in love. After dinner we took a detour to Target to grab a swimsuit for Andrew, because he forgot his, and we got a little distracted by the movies and ice-cream. The rest of the night we spent swimming, eating our tiny Haagen Daz and watching movies until we both crashed. 

Sunday was our last day to relax and that is exactly all we did. We ate breakfast (again very late) at the hotel and just laid in bed until the very last moment when we had to shower and pack up our things. 

We are not very good at taking pictures on our vacations because it is hard when one of you has to be taking the picture and the other is in it alone... so these few below are what came out of our weekend together. Sorry they are so blurry and small, apparently the camera on my iphone is not very good. I promise to be better about taking quality pictures of our adventures together because I know in the long run I will be kicking myself if I do not document our life together. (I'll post some detail pictures of our weekend a little later because I do not have them on my computer yet.)


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